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Why You Should Buy A Cover For Your Camper

Whether you plan to store your camper on your property or on a storage lot, you should consider protecting it with a cover if it will remain outdoors. A camper cover is a small investment compared to the benefits it provides. Here's why it's a good idea to keep your camper covered when it's not in use.

The Roof Is Protected From Rain

Camper covers withstand all seasons and weather conditions. One thing you'll want to protect against is rain. The covers utilize a waterproof material for the roof that sheds water and keeps your camper as dry as possible and protects against rust. The sides are made from a more breathable material that lets air circulate around the camper so mold and mildew don't form. A cover ensures your camper stays nice and dry inside and outside while it sits in storage.

The Camper Is Protected From UV Damage

One of the biggest enemies of your camper is the sun. Ideally, your camper should be stored under cover to stay shielded from the sun, and when it isn't possible to keep it under a roof, a cover is the next best thing. You can buy a camper cover that just fits over the roof in order to protect the roof from UV damage, or you can buy a cover that fits over the entire camper. Be sure to buy a cover made of a material that resists UV damage and reflects the sun's rays. This will keep your camper looking like new and prevent fading, deterioration of fabrics from the sun shining through the window, and cracking of plastic and rubber parts.

The Cover Protects Against Dirt And Debris

While you'll want to wash your camper after using it the last time for the season, it can collect a surprising amount of dust, dirt, and other debris while it sits in storage. You may check your camper months later to find it covered with bird droppings, mud splatters, dust, tree sap, and tree debris. It is stored in a lot near a construction area or dirt road, it might be covered in dust that blows through the air. You can keep your camper clean and ready to use when camping season rolls around by keeping it covered. Covers may get dirty and splattered, but since they are affordable, they can be more easily replaced. Plus, most covers can be washed and dried quickly and put back to use.

Covers are easy to attach. They usually have elastic to help them conform to the shape of the camper and tie down with straps. You can even buy a cover with zippered doors so you can gain access to your camper without having to remove the cover. All of these benefits add up to keeping your camper in good shape so it holds onto its value longer. That way, you'll get more money when you're ready to upgrade to a newer model camper.