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Got a New Car? 3 Types of Window Tints & Benefits They Offer

If you have a new car you want to do everything to protect it to keep it looking new if you can. You also want your new car to look great. To do these things, you can install a window tint on your car windows, which is placing some type of adhesive film on the windows.  Below are some different types of tints available, as well as the benefits of choosing to do this. The main benefit is that window tint will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays, which can lead to skin cancer. Keep reading so you can decide what type of tint you would like to put on your car.

Dyed Window Tint

There are dyed window tints available. With this, a layer of dye is placed on a piece of adhesive. The adhesive is then applied to the windows.

Dyed window tints do block sun from coming into your car's windows, which will prevent fading if you have cloth seats, or prevent sun damage on leather seats, such as the leather cracking. One thing it does not do well, however, is to block heat that comes through the windows from the sun. This window tint will also fade over time.

Dyed window tint does work great, however, and it is inexpensive. You also do not have to worry about it blocking your car's cell phone or radio signals.

Metalized Window Tint

Metalized window tint is the most expensive option. This type has several metalized layers that do well at blocking out harmful UV light, as well as heat. This tint is also reflective, and it will block glare from coming into your windows. One main advantage of this tint is that it is very durable and will not fade from the sun. One disadvantage of metalized window tint is that it will block radio and cell phone signals from coming into your car.

Hybrid Window Tint

If you cannot choose between dyed or metalized window tint, you should consider a hybrid tint. This window tint is much like both options. It has four layers, including a top coat, metalized layer, dyed layer, and the adhesive layer. This tint does a great job at blocking light and heat. It also blocks glare and reduces interior fading. It also does not block cell phone or radio signals and is not as expensive as the metalized version of tint.

Talk with a company that installs window tints and they can give you much more information.