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Features You May Want In Your Pop-Up Camper

If you know that you love camping, but setting up a tent is not for you, a pop-up camper can be a great compromise and way to enjoy the great outdoors with a few modern conveniences. There are lots of different features that your pop-up camper can come with, from a water heater to an air conditioner, so it is important to know what features you want before you start shopping around.


If you only plan on going camping in the summer or only plan on going camping in warmer climates, you probably don't need a camper with a furnace. However, if you like to go camping in early spring when it is still chilly outside or in the fall or winter months, you are going to want a camper with a furnace so when you go to sleep at night and leave the comfort of the fire outside, you can stay warm.

Air Conditioning

If you are going to do a lot of summer camping or camping in areas where it stays warm throughout the night, you may want to invest in a pop-up camper that has an air conditioning. Air conditioning is not a standard feature in all pop-up camper brands, so you need to look for one that comes with an air conditioner.

Not everyone finds an air conditioner necessary, such as people who like to go camping where it is cooler in the summer or who are comfortable just opening up the windows to get some air to cool off.

Cooking Space

Next, you need to think about how you want to cook when you go camping. Do you want to cook inside in your kitchen? If so, you are going to want a kitchen that has a couple of burners and an oven. You'll want a camper with ample cooking space.

However, if you plan on doing most of your cooking outside on your grill and gas burners and don't plan to really cook in your camper, you can invest in a camper that has a smaller or more compact kitchen and eating space.


Finally, you need to determine if you want a bathroom in your camper. If you typically stay at established campgrounds that have bathroom and shower facilities, you may not find having a bathroom necessary. However, you may like the convenience, no matter where you are, of having your own bathroom and shower.

If you want a bathroom and shower, and you like to camp off the beaten path and not stay in RV parks, you are going to want to get a camper that has a fresh water tank and a generator. If you generally stay in campgrounds or RV parks, you don't necessarily need a fresh water tank or generator; you can just use the water and electric hook-ups at the campground.

Before you purchase a pop-up trailer, think about how you plan on using the trailer. How you plan on using the trailer will indicate the type of features that you need in your trailer and the features that you are willing to compromise on.

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