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Rear View In The Headlights: Retro Looks For Less And How To Get Them

Classic cars all have design details that give away their vintage years, but that is why so many classic car collectors love them. For example, headlights are a dead giveaway to the age and era of a lot of cars. Headlights in the seventies were mostly round. Headlights in the eighties were very large, and very boxy, like rectangles and squares. Modern headlights do all kinds of bizarre, wraparound shapes and patterns. Whatever kind of car you look at throughout the ages, the headlights almost always give away the decade. If you are currently looking for classic car restoration headlights for sale because you want cheaper headlights to restore your vehicle, here are some places you can start with to look for the headlights you need.

Contact the Manufacturer

You would be surprised at all of the old car parts the manufacturers store in a warehouse somewhere. As long as your classic car is not particularly rare or the manufacturer is still in business, you can probably find your headlights through them. If the manufacturer of your vehicle was bought out by another manufacturer (and then another and another, and so on), contact that manufacturer. A lot of times, auto companies that were bought out by other auto companies "inherited" their warehouses of unused parts inventory. Since these companies want very much to unload what they have, you are likely to find what you need for a very cheap price.

Check out Salvage Yards

If you have not done so already, scrounge salvage yards. There is always an untold bevy of car parts waiting in heaps around a salvage yard. Even if you cannot get the exact headlight for the exact classic car you have, you might be able to find a headlight from a car made the previous or following year. At the very least, a working headlight from another year is a reasonable substitute until you can find an exact year headlight for your restoration.

Car Shows

Undoubtedly, you try to get in to see all the classic car shows you can get to see. While you are there, strike up a conversation with other classic car owners. You may find parts for sale, or you may find someone that knows a resource you have not tried yet or someone that "knows a guy that knows a guy that...". It helps to have extra parts and info to trade, so lead with that.

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